Methods of the Cascading Trophic Interactions Project, 5th edition, 1998.

These methods have been used successfully in the lakes studied by the Trophic Cascade Project. However, we cannot guarantee that they will work in lakes with different water chemistries from those we have studied. While we have made reasonable efforts to error-check these documents, we cannot guarantee that they are error free. We disclaim responsibility for any errors in these documents.


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Revised Methods

These are PDF's of the individual methods that have been altered since the 1998 edition of the methods manual that are still in use by the CASCADE project.


Algal Regrowth


Isotope Procedures

GC Lab Procedure

Lipid Extraction


Routine POC, DOC, and Color

Routine Limno Sampling (Field)

Routine Limno Sampling (Lab)


Squeal Limno Protocol

Zooplankton Counting